Rescue Bars were created on accident but are mouth-watering on purpose.


I have always been very mindful of what I fuel my body with so when my (hangry) husband asked me to make "something good with protein" on a random Saturday afternoon, I knew whatever I'd whip up had to be equally HEALTHY, FILLING and super YUMMY.  Baking for a hangry person is a very scary task but there's nothing that fills me with more JOY than watching my hubby chow down on my delicious and scrumptious sweets and say: "wow, you made this??" 


And I'm blushing :-)

On that same April Saturday afternoon, in a small Kansas City kitchen, Rescue Bars were born. 

Rescue Bars not only rescue you from hunger (.. and hanger) but from harmful, tasteless and unnecessary ingredients that are packed into products you find on grocery store shelves.

My bars are handmade with fresh, organic and Vegan ingredients - avoiding all preservatives, added sugar, soy, or dairy. If you want freshness, double the size (4-5 oz.) and double the taste, I recommend you try my Rescue Bars. Your taste buds and your body will appreciate the difference.

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio :)  

~ Reka 

* Storage: cool/dry storage or fridge for up to 3 months